Fit your Fitness

Image Credit : Pixabay

Article By Lakshmi Vijaykumar, Senior Research Consultant -AVTAR Group

Fitness is the new buzzword. You turn around and you will find eight out of ten people talking about all sort of diets – keto, low carb, green – et al to name just a few. While many of these that are typically weight loss programs will help in losing that extra flab, lack of a good disciplined exercise routine can pull your fitness levels down to unimaginable levels. Read More » “Fit your Fitness”

What We Can Learn From Butterflies ?

Article By  Shruti M, Presales Consultant – FLEXI Careers India

A friend once told me “I’m frightened of butterflies!” And I wondered how can someone (not just anyone, a scientist!) be scared of a delicate, light-weight, pretty insect which causes no harm? That’s when I realized, deep down inside, all of us have our fears which we don’t like admitting in front of others. Read More » “What We Can Learn From Butterflies ?”

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