Maternity Benefits amendment – Making it effective


The Maternity Bill Amendment is old news now. So are all the opinions lauding or criticising it. So let’s get down to the facts. The new 26-week mandate from the Government will put India third in the list of Countries that have the highest number of days of paid leave for Maternity. It is definitely a wonderful step towards enabling Women in their critical life stage of Maternity. At AVTAR, we have always looked at ways of enabling Women to lead intentional and sustained careers. Read More » “Maternity Benefits amendment – Making it effective”

Can ‘maternity coaching’ check attrition rate?


Divya quit her job. Again. She has done this twice in a space of 5 years. The first time was when she had her first baby and she quit within 6 months of returning to work. She took a break of a year and then registered herself on She fought her way back in and got a job as part of a prestigious second career program of a BPO. Two years at her new job and she has resigned again.  Read More » “Can ‘maternity coaching’ check attrition rate?”

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