Working Mother and AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India Study is an Alphabetical Listing.

Chennai, 20th September 2018: Working Mother and AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India is a unique study that has a 33-year old legacy in the United States under the aegis of Working Mother, a celebrated gender parity champion of the US. The Indian edition of the listing, which was launched jointly by AVTAR (Diversity & Inclusion Consulting pioneer in India) and Working Mother, follows the ethos of the study as established over the three decades. The Study, over the last thirty-three years in the United States, has only done alphabetical listing. And therefore, the Working Mother & AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) study is strictly an A – Z alphabetical listing.

The public listing is strictly alphabetical in nature to ensure zero negative corporate reputation. Working Mother & AVTAR respects the intent on gender inclusion that every participant company exhibits. It is this intent and commitment to the cause of gender inclusion & diversity that is assessed through the BCWI Framework. It is for this reason that the BCWI study unlike other popular listings of companies DOES NOT INVOLVE ANY PERCEPTUAL EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK. The assessment methodology is as follows:

  • The assessment is strictly based on an applicant company’s robust policy framework towards women’s career enablement which is recorded and sought in an application form spanning 400+ policy specific, data oriented questions.
  • Every participant company submits only one single application form.
  • Every application is scored on policy impact on seven key policy clusters namely Workforce Profile, Women’s Recruitment, Retention & Advancement, Flexible Work, Safety & Security, Parental Leave, Benefits & Work-Life Programs & Company Culture & Management Accountability.
  • The applications are ordered based on their cumulative scores to choose the 100 Best.
  • The 100 Best Companies are then named and listed alphabetically in the public domain.
  • To Honour the exemplary performers, the Top 10 (within the 100 Best) are also listed alphabetically.
  • At no point of time are individual ranks or scores made public or released in any media platform.


“Beyond listing and honouring companies, the vision of BCWI is to ensure equitable growth for companies that are intent on gender inclusion. With the socio-economic-business case for improving women’s workforce participation in India being established strongly, BCWI is an effective aid to help companies curate their diversity strategy and move towards the collective goal of gender balance. The study aims to identify, share, showcase and celebrate the best practices towards women’s career enablement to ensure inclusive and equitable growth. The BCWI Study is a rigorous exercise, both for the participating companies and for our team here at AVTAR, where we capture the data not only on every policy related to attraction, retention and advancement of women, but also how far these policies are put to practice. In recognising this sincere effort by the companies, it is only fair to list them in a bias-free manner and thus we stick to the tradition of listing the companies alphabetically. It will always remain so in the future also.” Says Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder-President, AVTAR Group.  




2018 Working Mother & AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India: The List 

The 2018 Working Mother & AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India study report also revealed the 100 Best Companies for Women in India list. This is, strictly, an alphabetical list and is NOT RANKED. The 2018 Top 10 Best Companies for Women in India are listed below (in alphabetical order):

  • Accenture Solutions Private Limited
  • ADP Private Limited
  • Barclays Global Service Centre Pvt. Ltd.
  • Deloitte in India
  • EY
  • IBM India Pvt Ltd
  • Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Verizon Data Services India Pvt. Ltd

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About AVTAR Group: AVTAR set up in 2000, is India’s first diversity advocate & workplace inclusion expert. Renowned for its extensive work in the space of Diversity & Inclusion and more specifically, women’s workforce participation, it is the country’s largest provider of second career opportunities for women and is also the earliest to begin working on diversity audits and measurement. Lead by the visionary Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, AVTAR has ventured into areas of women’s empowerment and career creation, which are firsts to India, such as – 1) Creating a marketplace for second career women to meet potential employers, 2) Developing a comprehensive set of career enablers which companies can implement in their workspaces, 3) Spearheading original research that has provided cutting edge insights to organizations 4) Re-Skilling, Up-skilling and Counselling of women to pursue sustainable career paths and 5) Building career intentionality amongst under privileged girl children. Over its 18 years of existence, AVTAR has helped charter Diversity & Inclusion plans for several organisations in the IT, FMCG and Financial sectors in the country.

About Working Mother Media: Working Mother is a role model, mentor and advocate for the U.S.’s more than 24 million mothers who are devoted to their families and committed to their careers. Working Mother is a celebrated gender parity champion in the United States. With their website, magazine, research, social networks, video, and powerful events, Working Mother provides its readers with the community, solutions and strategies they need to thrive. Their annual list of the Working Mother 100 Best Companies celebrates its 33rd anniversary this year. It is one of the most prestigious lists in the U.S. and sets the standards for work life practices for U.S. companies. It continues to raise awareness of the issues women face in the workplace and encourages the development of programs to address those issues.