How to write a professional email? – Basics.

Image courtesy – Pixabay

Article by : Pon Vijayalakshmi P M, Junior Creative, Team AVTAR.

Electronic mails have become the most important form of business communication. A well written e-mail gives a great impression, no doubt. Here are a few basic things you can keep in mind to help you write a perfect e-mail.

1.Know your recipient:

Addressing your recipient in the right way is one of the most important things while typing an e-mail.

If you wish to make the e-mail informal, you can start off with ‘Dear Name’. When you want to greet the recipient formally, use – ‘Dear Mr./Ms. Name’ and ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ (if you don’t know their name). But always address the receiver.

  1. Body of the E-mail:

If you are replying to a mail acknowledge or thank the receiver before you begin with the actual content of your mail. For e.g.  ‘Thank you for your timely response’ or ‘Thank you for your interest’.

If you are contacting the receiver for the first time, you can directly cut to chase. This part of the mail must be kept direct and to the point.

3. Closing:

Always have a closing line which ensures that the mail doesn’t end abruptly. The closing line can also help the person on the other side know what you’re expecting.

For e.g. ‘Looking forward to hear from you’.

After that would be a proper sign offs like ‘Yours Sincerely, Regards, Thanks again etc.’

  1. Subject:

Remember to check if you have entered a subject. Most people overlook this very important detail. A simple subject line without filler words makes sure that your mail doesn’t get lost in the receiver’s inbox. It’s a bonus if you can come up with a catchy yet professional subject line. 

  1. Go through twice:

Quickly read through your mail once before you hit send to ensure that there aren’t any unwanted sentences, grammar errors, typos etc. Check if you have attached the right attachment, if any.

Use simple sentences and always be polite.

 These simple yet significant steps can make your E-mail more professional and impressive. We hope this helps you.