Gender Diversity – How to include Men in the conversation?


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Article by: Karthik Ekambaram, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion Consulting, AVTAR Group.

“Increasing women’s participation in workplace is not a gender issue. But it’s a human issue. Or, rather it’s a business case.” 

That Gender Diversity is a business issue and that companies today strive for a balanced and inclusive workplace are well established facts in corporate. So why is that mounting evidences pointing towards economic advantages with gender equity still not making the requisite mark in the industry leaving the gender balance issue still sparse and scattered? Read More » “Gender Diversity – How to include Men in the conversation?”

Conquer your Boulders

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead you anywhere.    – Frank A Clark


Image courtesy – Pixabay

Article by: Pon Vijayalakshmi P M,  Junior Creative, Team AVTAR. 

A little story my Mom told me when I was a young girl is what keeps me going when it comes to taking an initiative to get things done and overcoming obstacles. 

                “Many years ago there was a King who was really unhappy with the growing laziness among his people. So, he devised a plan to teach them a lesson. At night he asked his men to place a boulder in the middle of a market place buzzing with people. The King hid in a hut nearby, and watched to find out if anyone moves the boulder. Richest men from the kingdom, merchants, courtiers and even soldiers from the king’s army would simply take a detour or walk past it. The people started blaming the king and calling him ignorant. Read More » “Conquer your Boulders”

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