What’s In Your Tiffin Box ?

Image Credit : Canva

Article By  Shruti M – Presales Consultant, Team AVTAR

Food goes beyond language and religion connecting everyone across offices, homes, schools, eateries, trains, buses globally. Looking anxiously at the clock repeatedly waiting for lunch time is one of those everyday habits which we look forward to with much enthusiasm. As the clock strikes 1PM rushing to the table with lunch bags in our hands, we eagerly open our dabbas. Discovering what is in each one’s lunch box daily – is similar to a child’s impatience on receiving a gift.  One bite from here, and one from another opens up our palate to different recipes and cuisines. Food unites one and all. Here, its not just the food but it’s the diversity that gets displayed on the table. Irrespective of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, lunch time becomes the rendezvous for working professionals — a break from the monotonous work and home schedule.  Food has its own language, it speaks a lot about the place of origin, culture, history and in some manner tell a lot about certain human behavior.

Sharing food whether it’s flavored rice or an oh-so-sweet Indian sweet or a crunchy tea-time biscuit brews a lot of instant happiness bringing a smile on each one’s face. The variety fills up your appetite because all the recipes enjoy a garnish of laughter overload followed by the “see-you-tomorrow” desert. It is usually followed by a burst of giggles caused by chattering! Food generates laughter and joy galore in grams, kilograms and litres……

The omnipresent lunch box is an intrinsic part of offices making its presence felt on lunch tables in steel, plastic and even banana leaves serving as a plate. At work, food brings us all together irrespective of their state of mind –  an unproductive meeting, an argument with a colleague or a spat at home. Once food is spotted, problems disappear in thin air and cheerful bonding over lunch helps us switch over to a positive mindset. Food connects people, helps them forge new relations just through the simple act of having lunch with your colleagues who turn out to be your allies….

Office lunches and tea breaks are good opportunities to know colleagues who you don’t interact for work, or may not have the time to speak to simply because they’re not on the same bay or the aisle as you are.

This is where a diverse workforce comes together resulting in inclusivity through the love of food. Lunch time is when most of us discover the allies around us who willingly rally us during our tough times, become our cheerleaders on both work and at home.

Make the most of your food breaks to infuse positivity, generosity, creativity and team building fueled by the love of curious foodies. Let your tiffin box be filled with a pinch of forgiveness, a spoonful of laughter, a cup full of friendship, and heaps of happiness topped with loads of sharing.