Motivation At Work – A Chance Meeting


Article By  Shruti M -Presales Consultant, Team AVTAR

The sound of typing the keyboard filled the silent air in my office cubicle.

I was tired, irritated and frustrated. Running around in the hot sun to meet clients was nowhere close to enjoyable. I had to crowdsource content on scientific topics which was highly interesting and engaging (now, who doesn’t like that?!). I understand that it was challenging and pushed me to explore my skills, but then there’s a limit to what one can do, isn’t it!

Meeting clients meant waiting for them hours on end (of course, you are not allowed to say so to them when they meet you!) and some even refused to meet me after that! Securing an appointment over the phone was  almost impossible.

My everyday battles like these, took away all the meaning and purpose that I thought this job would bring into my life. I was dejected and started doubting my choice of profession. Amidst all the confusion and haze, one thing was clear. I didn’t enjoy field work much.

That’s when I had a chance meeting with the managing director of the company and the time I spent with him was one of the most memorable ones in my professional life. He encouraged me and told me that travelling in hot weather and meeting numerous clients may be tiring, but one day I will realize that these small meetings will help me shape up, enhance my soft skills and increase my confidence levels.

He explained the importance of small gestures like opening the door for the other person when they walk out will help me to build a bond with them and stay connected. He requested me to thank them with poise and respect. He explained how the company wants to move forward in terms of its goals.

Simple points, of course, but it came at a crucial time when I was completely demotivated and lost for direction. Feeling very happy, I stepped out of his cabin and went back to my seat feeling empowered and excited to do field work. I was completely refreshed. These are gems I will remember for life.

The organization head stepped in at a crucial stage and motivated me to carry out my job role with more enthusiasm.

Here are my learnings from this experience:

  • Keeping an employee motivated so that they can achieve their goals, is important.
  • Employees can get dejected easily when things aren’t going as planned. To help them stay on track through constant monitoring and feedback, open conversation is required for the company’s well-being.
  • For all those who are field work professionals, you need to polish your soft skills to communicate smoothly resulting in business for your organization.
  • View the problem from different angles. That will help you get a new perspective and perhaps a solution too!
  • Time management – essential when you have to meet a fixed number of clients per day. Plan your day with spaced appointments giving extra time after each appointment in case of delay.
  • Flexibility – Ability to adapt to new job roles assigned. Be open to take on more responsibility and go that extra mile to accomplish company goals.
  • Maintain a positive attitude when faced with hurdles.
  • Relationship Building – Survey your industry and get to know your client and customers. Patience is key since building relationships takes time. Respond to emails on time and thank the client immediately. Appreciate what you like about them genuinely and always treat them with respect.

Every time I thought I couldn’t do a new job role assigned to me, I surprised myself by riding a new wave hesitantly but I felt happy at the end of the day. After all, that’s the joy of work, isn’t it –  conquering our fears and exploring the new.