The New Horizon

By Ms. Amrita Singh, General Manager – HR, Satyam Cineplexes Limited

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In a South Indian village, where the primary occupation is weaving, Thenmozhi, a young graduate, runs an Internet kiosk business.  Over a period of one year, her income has grown and she has added two more computers to the kiosks.  One can relate many such stories from rural India.  However, the urban India is besieged with a different kind of challenge.  Many of the biggest workplace challenges today revolve around the gender.  Why do women earn less than men?  Will the glass ceiling be ever reached?  Is a balance between family and work possible? And so on and so forth.

Not much thought is given to the fact that women are the biggest untapped resource for the Corporate, especially when the threat of talent scarcity looms large.  Not only is there a dearth for representation of women in leadership position, but also at all levels.  And if companies can frame a magic formula for this workforce, they might just hit upon a jackpot!   So what is it that the women look for in their jobs?

To start with, most women look for a culture that fits their personality.  While this benefits the company immensely, a positive culture fit can improve the self esteem of an employee to a great extent.  Thus to harness this huge talent reserve, it is imperative that the organisations create an atmosphere of gender equality rather than giving lip service.  The working styles of women are vastly different from men and the ‘rules’ men have created don’t fit women.  Organisations need to face and recognise these differences.  They need to create an environment in which women can contribute effectively without losing their style and identity.  Merely creating policies that safeguard the dignity of women should not be the focus area.  Organisations should strive to create an environment that fosters positivity and renders such policies redundant.  Such an environment will go a long way in nurturing this talent pool.

Another aspect that will encourage the representation of women at all levels will be opportunities for growth and development.  Companies that offer strong employee development will find favour with this gender.  Just as companies need to be abreast with latest techniques and developments, individuals also need to be up to date with developments to fight fierce competition.  With the looming talent crunch in Corporate India, it is important to develop and leverage this valuable pool of talent.  Besides opening a large reservoir of human resource, it will encourage diversity of thought and working styles.

As companies face global competition, there is a need to create experts with diverse skill sets.  There is a need to avoid skewed thinking and consider alternate ideas.  The best ideas flourish in diverse environment and companies will benefit immensely from accessing female talent.

Disclaimer : Views expressed are individual’s own and does not reflect the organization’s views