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  Work-Life Balance

By I-Winner, Ms. Karthika Subramaniyan

  "Work Life Balance" is an important aspect to be identified and practiced throughout every career woman's walk of life, as this balance provides a prolonged sustenance in both personal and professional life.

More so it seems that women are loaded with many responsibilities in both career and family spheres that demands their presence ardently.

As a matter of fact, it appears that women are counted upon for so many duties which are bound to be executed only by a woman and she becomes liable to make all things happen. The higher the ladder a woman climbs, the dependencies starts to only increase both in family and professional circles.

Women excel in multitasking and juggle all the tasks, successfully prioritizing the sequence and deliver the results brilliantly in both professional and personal lives. Possibly these could have some ramifications as the intensity of involvement and productivity gets higher. To manage these, she should always aim at refocusing her energy from her very own abilities and strength thereby executing the necessary actions in a balanced manner without losing her peace.

Prioritization is the key get that balance right. It is necessary to be clear on one's priorities and dedicate one's attention and energy accordingly.

At times, it is difficult to choose from both personal and professional priorities and during such times of pressure, it is vital to be calm and reprioritize according to the situation. Perhaps it is these trying situations that show us our inner strength.

Happy Balanced Life to all the Talented Women out there!


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