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Ajay Kumar about 2 months ago

itchy troat for almost one month. Symptom itchy troat come and go , no fever so fa. Symptom usually more obvious in the evening

I m 57 year old male having symptom of itchy troat. For almost a month, having treatmenta at a private clinic, DR prescribed antibiotics n some troat inflammation medicine ten days ago until now I m not fully recover. Dr please advise me what I must do during this difficult time. Thank you
Anonymous about 2 months ago

Dizziness after drinking coffee

Hi dr, I am a 20 year old female. For these few months, I have noticed that everytime after I have consumed coffee, I’ve felt really dizzy to the point where I’ll suddenly lose my hearing on one side. The condition aggravates if I stand up, even if I do it slowly. I was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) back in 2016 but it has been cured with 2 ablations. Is there any explanation for this?
Anonymous about 2 months ago

I have consistent coughing

I am a 66 yrs woman with hbp, cholestrol controlled with medication. I have been having dry cough for 3 mths aggravated when i take sugar. Klinik Kesihatan Malaysia says that med Pediapril cause dry cough for some ppl and i am one of them (unable to consult them during mco) During Cmco, I consult them and they change my med to rosart (for protein in urine) the cough cleared within 2 weeks but come back after 3rd week. KKM said that rosart does not cause dry cough. I have consulted 7 drs during 3 mths. Chest Xray for TB done and clear.Still coughing and reduce sugar helps. Lungs clear.
Ajay Kumar about 2 months ago

Scabies and itchines

I have itchy on my skin especially during night time and there are tiny red spot all over my body (including my penis and scrotum) feel like biting from something. Hence what medicine should i use?
Anonymous about 2 months ago

Dementia and Parkins

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