AVTAR Human Capital Trust

The AVTAR Human Capital Trust (AHCT) is a charitable, public and social trust which was established in 2008 with the objective of providing services to people belonging to diverse segments of the society. Amongst the many initiatives the trust has undertaken are the funding of education of women belonging to BPL families, that of deserving, meritorious students from economically backward families, organizing social drives and championing the cause of women careers by promoting the cause of institutionalizing Flexible Working.

The primary objective of AHCT is to bring significant and impactful differences to the society with special focus on education and employment. To this end, the trust provides financial assistance to needy and meritorious students from underprivileged backgrounds to empower and enable their aspirations. Apart from funding education, the trust also aims to provide financial support to underprivileged youngsters who are embarking upon a career to help improve their living conditions and / or enable them to equip themselves with relevant tools/infrastructure towards performing better in their career. Through this initiative AHCT intends to improve the preparedness of these students of high caliber but modest backgrounds, to face the greater challenges of career and life.

Counselling women and students to prepare them for career achievement is another key initiative of the trust. This is a voluntary service intended at improving the employability of today’s youth. Under the aegis of the trust, community drives and initiatives to clean and care for the environment are also periodically undertaken. This is also a voluntary service aimed at raising environmental consciousness and encouraging today’s youth to contribute to the same. AHCT also actively engages in research oriented activities which have a social impact. Publishing reports of such research with the aim of providing assistance to discerning institutions and organisations that may benefit from it, is also undertaken by the trust. The trust also works for the cause of women careers. It promotes an ongoing social media campaign to institutionalize flexible working, which as per global research can generously improve the workforce participation rate of women. With more women in formal employment and greater economic participation of women, the country’s GDP will be boosted as also significant improvements in the overall living conditions of the society.

Through the multifarious activities that the trust undertakes, it aims to deliver greater social impact and garner and utilize support for social and environmental imperatives