Who does the Indian Woman Professional battle??


Last week at an Industry forum, I was chairing a session on “Gender Diversity in a VUCA world”. A comment made by one of the panellists set the context in strident terms. “The term VUCA might be new, but what it signifies is as old as earth itself. Volatility, Ambiguity, Complexity and Uncertainty have co-existed with us since the beginning of time itself. Actually, there is never a point in history when it was not VUCA!” he said. Read More » “Who does the Indian Woman Professional battle??”

The New Horizon

By Ms. Amrita Singh, General Manager – HR, Satyam Cineplexes Limited

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In a South Indian village, where the primary occupation is weaving, Thenmozhi, a young graduate, runs an Internet kiosk business.  Over a period of one year, her income has grown and she has added two more computers to the kiosks.  One can relate many such stories from rural India.  However, the urban India is besieged with a different kind of challenge.  Read More » “The New Horizon”

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