Innovative Employee Engagement Practices


Article By Mr. Sukumaran Mariappan, Director HR, Trimble Navigation

Mr Sukumaran Mariappan, Director HR Trimble, shares with us some of his experiences in his tenure of 16 years as a HR professional on Innovative Employee Engagement Practices. His career span spreads across Industries such as IT, ITeS and high tech/ engineering and with small, mid-size and large MNCs like Lucid Technologies, Virtusa and

According to him, Happy Employees put in their discretionary efforts which in turn help the organization deliver superior results. Successful organizations have a high level of alignment among their employees to their vision and employees are highly engaged to the strategic priorities of their organization.

Often companies engage in activities like such as Team outing and Team lunch/dinner, fun activities etc to keep employees motivated. However that’s not “THE” be all and end all of employee engagement.

  1. Organization should build a strong people culture and team environment within their organization where employees are motivated to offer their best. Such great companies’ offers employer value proposition that helps retaining top talent along with their higher level of rational and emotional commitments.
  2. People Managers in any organization have a critical role to play in building and sustaining an engaged organizational eco-system. It is commonly known that employees don’t leave the organization but their manager. Great People Managers know the art of getting the best from their team without overwhelming them.
  3. Every organization today have multi-generational workforce working towards a common vision. Each of the generation prioritizes the value proposition they expect from their employer differently. Organizations should train and coach their leaders to provide able leadership in such context. For example, the recognition in terms of programs, frequency and mode have to suit multi-generational workforce requirements.
  4. Teams are globally distributed and helping employees understand not only one’s own culture profile but also helps compare one’s own culture with others will increase the engagement levels of distributed teams and help come together as one team.

To a question on challenges in employee engagement, he said that many a time, we have too many employee engagement ideas that are not truly aligned to the big picture and poorly executed in a global context. He believes that focusing on building a great organization culture that inspires their employees to contribute their best and having a great number of people managers who positively influence their team, build and sustain such eco-system are the best ways to improve employee engagement and thereby retention.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of his organisation.