Keep It Simple


Article By Mr. Vidhyanand.V, Deputy General Manager – HR, Talent Management & Career Development COE, Renault-Nissan India

HR is at eternal cross roads with clear direction required to decide the path forward. New concepts, new fads conquer minds of HR professionals with social media playing the multiplier effect to it. Time and again, HR has reinvented itself from nascent employee support activities to strategic initiatives and onto business partnering.

Each time we reinvented, HR gained a new arena with niche skill sets and a new set of deliverables to the stake holders. During the entire journey, we have deleted a few skills, outsourced and diminished values of some at the same time acquiring new and niche skills making the journey more arduous to the upcoming HR professionals.

Each time we evolved, fads and frills have taken over the core, like event management is seen as a forefront for employee engagement at many work places today.

A recent interaction with an entrepreneur who runs his own show cleared much of the mind… viz what would a CEO expect from the HR Lead? What would be the expectation of the investors.??.

The note below doesn’t aim to belittle the responsibilities of HR to all other stake holders not-withstanding its social responsibilities, but more aimed to clear off young minds who step into the field of HR.

We need to ask ourselves the below questions when we propose or implement any initiatives:

  1. Does this add long term value to the business?
  2. Will this generate revenue to the business?
  3. Will this translate into revenue generating opportunities?

If it is something that isn’t in affirmative to any of the above three, then it’s just a “Good to Have” initiative. We get lost in the brand and ratings war to create initiatives to tag us as Best Employers and also be known or spoken about as an Employer of Choice.

Ask yourself if we invest and run a business would we happily divert funds to such activities even though it doesn’t link to revenue or value. Am sure we would like to see a bare minimal connecting points atleast tending towards this before we invest in such initiatives.

We need to look into things from a “Buyer Mindset”, imagine when we shop do we just bag of all that looks good or first pick up ones that are absolute necessity followed with affordable ones but with end value to us.

HR professionals must combine an Upcoming entrepreneur mindset with a Buyer mindset along with a HR view point before we propose or create an initiative.

Another bane that is affecting us today as mentioned earlier to be positioned as an EOC is the System of Benchmarking practices, which has truly and surely eroded the originality of initiatives and requirements that are and will remain unique to each work place. “One size and one practice fits all” doesn’t work in case of human relations.

A thorough check with renowned and well satisfied Professionals raving about experiences in previous or current organisations will point to “Capability building”, “ Work Culture” and how better employees were off after that stint. Any organisation that has a strong EVP for a longer period would have had a definitive culture of developing employees for mutual growth without being lopsided for sure.

HR initiatives and Business partnering needs to move from the clutter of self imposed norms of prevalent but hazy practices and move towards actual business partnering. True Business partnering can happen only when we see business with the mind of a CEO and the vision of a HR professional and create initiative to connect the finer dots with originality and simple robust plans. Having said this, we also need to use the important filter of final end user, on whether it serves the purpose in the long run.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of his organisation.