The only toolkit you need for a successful comeback!


You always knew that you had it in you to be a successful career woman. And then the inevitable break happened! Now, all you need is that specific set of tools which will ensure that this time around, your corporate entry will be both successful and sustainable.


Presenting WINSKILLS from AVTAR I-WIN!

WINSKILLS from AVTAR I-WIN is a set of skill-building programs that not only help you in making an effective comeback but also prepare you for a wonderful career ahead. Created by AVTAR I-WIN – India’s Number One expert on women’s careers, WINSKILLS is a breakthrough program built on research gleaned from innumerable success stories. A social enterprise which is a pioneer in providing career opportunities to Indian women since 2005, AVTAR I-WIN has enabled thousands of women professionals to make successful comebacks.

Come! Equip yourself with the perfect toolkit to bridge the gaps caused by the break in your career and empower yourself to taste work-life success!

WINSKILLS programs can be taken in sequence or independently. You will experience a powerful positive change in your thinking and also understand the practical requirements of a successful re-entry.


AVTAR I-WIN currently offers different short-term modules of WINSKILLS:


Program 1 : Identity Explorer

Understand yourself, your motivations and learning styles. Learn how to break stereotypes and manage different situations in the workplace.

Program 2 : Intentional Career Pathing

A goal setting exercise that creates a short term and a long term plan to ensure success in identifying your strengths and building your career using experiential learning methodologies. It will enable you to assess your current employability level and bridge the gap in terms of corporate expectations.

Program 3 : Leadership ladder

Identify leadership traits and build on your strengths to become an effective leader. Improve your assertiveness and communication skills for effective conflict management. Develop power networking skills to expand your sphere of influence.