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Hi Team, Flexi Careers is doing a great job ! The Video is great! Would share with as much as woman as possible! Keep Up the good work! All th more

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Flexible working to enhance Gender Diversity :

Today, companies are increasingly realizing the importance of Diversity in the Workplace, with Gender Diversity being a must-have in the talent strategy of all discerning organizations. The key career need for the Indian Woman Professional is Flexibility in working. Organizations are beginning to see the invaluable importance of Flexible Working as a major driver in ensuring that women are positively engaged to the workplace.

AVTAR DivIn is a specialist Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Service from the AVTAR family, which brings to you India's first National Registry for Interim Careers for Women Managers. AVTAR I-WIN (Interim Women Manager's Interface Network) is a unique service - an India first, offering Flexi-career opportunities for Indian Women Professionals seeking work life balance. AVTAR also works with organizations in SME facilitation of their Diversity & Inclusion strategy and in creating Flexi-Career tracks. Via this, different Flexible working arrangements are made available to women who are currently working and for those who have taken a break in career. AVTAR also enables Interim Careers for women till they get back to full-time working and for those seeking jobs after a break, we facilitate second careers helping them manage home and career.

Different variants of Flexible working is available to Indian Women Professionals depending on their individual need.
  1. Part-time jobs
  2. Flexi-time jobs
  3. Short-term project style career options

AVTAR is successfully working with many companies in creating Flexi-career tracks through its proprietary process of Flexidizing and Unbundling which provides alternate pool of talent to tackle talent shortage and attrition.

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